10 Bridal Gown Stores in 2 Blocks 

Explore The Reading Bridal District

There are 9,000 bridal gowns in the Reading Bridal District. With our help we can let you know the best stores to visit and book your appointments! Share your dress style and budget we will plan the perfect shopping experience for you. We also have discount gift cards to many of the stores on the street to help with your bridal budget.


Tips for Successful Dress Shopping

-Only Four People in Your Entourage. I know you want ALL your BFF’s, mom and mother-in-law to be there when you say YES, but we can promise that too many opinions means you are going to have a tough time finding your dream gown. That’s why we have the pampering party to make sure everyone is special part of your day.
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-Make Appointments
We make sure your day is filled with laughter and fun. Let us know the style of gown you like, the day you want to come to shop and your budget so we can plan the perfect day for you.